Thursday, August 28

The Sun~L Come Out Tomorrow....

When our daughter Jade died 3 years ago this September 13th I received a plant arrangement from my 2 bosses. There was just green plants in the pot and a few carnations. Over the past 3 years the philodendron piece that was in there has grown like crazy!
There was no flowers planted in the dirt...
but every year around this time one single beautiful Lilly pops up and blooms!
Some of my days are very dark and gloomy especially when my daughters birthday comes around, Tuesday was one of those days...Wednesday I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and stepped out on my porch and my Jade Lilly had bloomed! I will not even accept the fact that it is a coincidence that this lone Lilly blooms every year...just one not two or three...just one beautiful pink Lilly.

That very morning I turned around on my porch and my first hibiscus flower had also bloomed...THE SAME DAY!!!

This plant we bought when I was pregnant with Jade.

I shouldn't have moved the little stick that was by it because its silky soft petal tore a little, not that it takes away from its beauty...such irony...

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Anonymous said...

Just breath taking Jules! I am at a lose for words. It is a beautiful lily, just as Jade was a beautiful little baby girl
I love you,