Monday, March 30

My SpiN on saYing gOOdbyE to a sTACK of bLACK...

This morning I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone
stomach in knots
fear in my head
and every excuse I could think of not to go...
Let it be known that I made it through
ALL 45 grueling minutes!
My legs felt like Jello and my ass is so sore!
They play GREAT LOUD music and it is very high energy!
After wards (as if I wasn't shaky enough) I lifted weights with my sister. She was trying to kill me, but I refuse to complain or whine!
I will be back on that hard seat next Monday morning because everything I have been doing has already resulted in me saying goodbye to a stack of black clothes that are

20 items of clothing down and the rest I am still pinning when they are too loose!

I have bought a few new things, not too many because I plan to not have any of my original clothing left by X-Mas (if not before)! Actually I plan to donate the clothes I just got in a month or so, thankfully it is getting warmer t-shirts are cheep!

So join me if you will Monday at 9:05am for some spin 'cuz that is where you will find me, trying to get better and better at it!

I had to keep telling myself "don't you dare get off this bike...don't you dare!"

Towards the end of class, the instructor said

"almost there, keep going everyone, 15 minutes left!"


Wednesday, March 25

Can I get a wha-what!

39 TOTAL!!!!!!!!!

Do you like Donuts?

Not me!

Tuesday, March 24

Tonight was my first group/trainer workout! Holy SMOKES I have muscles and pains that I didn't even know existed!
But...I had fun!
AND I feel pretty DAMN GOOD! (till morning lol)
I would describe more about what's going on but I think my finger muscles are tired too!!!
I have to weigh in at WW tomorrow and I just hope I lost this week!
Last week I gained POINT 6! not 6 pounds .6 a little over half a pound, I know what you are thinking and I don't wanna hear is not even a pound!
Don't you think I am well aware of that little fact?
It doesn't matter I was still throwing a little fit (all week)! !
So for the sake of others who see me everyday...please let that friggin scale say ANYTHING minus!
After all I have been working hard at the despised gym, and actually making friends with it!
More later I am going to go and pass out!

Thanks Sarah, you are a great coach!!!

This is so worth it...
Goodnight all!!!!

oooohhh the pain...even my ass hurts!

Friday, March 6

Oh boy look what I got myself into....

(If you care to read the details click on it to enlarge!) I am down 35 pounds in 16 weeks. I feel lighter, more flexible and just over all better!
So time to start working out!
This seemed like a good way to start, besides I will get to work with personal trainers...who knows maybe I will even win a prize!
For anyone that watches "Loser" I am just glad I don't have to weigh-in with spandex and a training bra {{yikes}} why do they do that to those people?!?
So wish me luck and I will keep you posted!
Enjoy your weekend!