Monday, November 1

Monarch grand finale!

I never did post these here, I get so distracted on FB! So I figured I would just finish off this post! OK, so here is Molly, I released her at work: So sweet to hold a little butterfly!

This is my favorite shot...Moe (a girl)!

Moe before I let her go.

I think I will do that next year too!

Sunday, July 18

Day 4

I set Moe & Molly out on the same leaf on the lid of the cage while I was cleaning out their "frass". As you can see they are getting much bigger. They had a field trip to the salon yesterday! Moe didn't eat all day until sometime early this morning.
Molly ate quite a bit yesterday and was wandering all over the place!
I had to put a third leaf in there yesterday cuz she was roaming!

Most of the time they are completely unaware of each other,
as far as I know LOL!
There is quite a big size difference, although Molly has doubled in size!

Oh no, hang escape!

Look at those big antenna! Big Moe!

Even Molly's antenna are growing a lot!

Ahhh home sweet home back to their respectable leaves! Nice clean frass free cage!
happy Sunday!

Friday, July 16

Day 2

After a long HOT walk this morning I finally found a small patch of milkweed! My goodness, all the fields and swamp around my house and barley any milkweed! No wonder why we don't have a lot of butterflies in my neighborhood! I had to find fresh food for Moe & Molly, Moe damn near ate his whole leaf sometime in the middle of the night! I swear he is bigger even today, look his antenna are much longer!

Molly had eaten only one little bitty hole in her leaf but I switched it out for a fresh anyway after all the leaves look much juicier when fresh!

No news on the eggs, I have them egg side up on their leaves on some damp paper towels with a lid on their "incubator", this is what a website suggested for good hatching!
We shall see!

After about 15 minutes on his new leaf, Moe climbs around to the back and eats his way through! Ooooh the poopin' this guy does!

happy Friday!

Thursday, July 15

Raising Monarchs...

Meet Moe & Molly! (Not that I know if they are boys or girls!) Here is day one with me of my little summer project! Molly is the little one on the left, Moe is the big boy on the right.Here's Moe...I actually was given Moe by one of my clients yesterday, it seems he is even bigger today then yesterday. He ate a big hole in his leaf while he was at work with me :)
Big Moe, up close.
I would have thought that the Orange and yellow caterpillars would have been the ones who turn into the orange and yellow monarchs, I was very wrong!

Little Molly...

Morning exercises, she is very rolly! LOL! Hard to tell which end is her face! (on the right)
I found molly today while searching for more food for big Moe. I see why they call it Milkweed, when you tear the stems some sticky milky goo comes out of it, caterpillars eat these leaves because it makes them poisonous to other prey.

I also think I found 3 other eggs, it takes 3-5 days for them to hatch, so I will either have more monarchs or...maybe a beetle...spider...who knows, it looks kinda right???
Hey this is my first time!

Here is the 3rd one...

I will keep updating their progress, I guess it takes about 4-5 weeks for them to become butterflies...
Happy Thursday!

Sunday, March 14


Two years goes by in the blink of an eye.
I can still hear your voice in my head as if it were yesterday when we spoke.
"You will miss me when I am gone!" Yes Gram, you were always right!
I miss your smile.
I still reach for the phone to tell you something, talk to you or ask for advice.
Some days I really feel cheated that I don't have you here anymore, then I realize how lucky
I am that you were my Gram.
Your name comes up in conversation more often then you know, it always makes me smile.
I am always thankful for our close relationship, and for my inherited big mouth!
Most of all I just miss you...everyday!
Loves ya!