Saturday, July 18

Falling off the wagon...

I thought maybe if I admitted it on my blog maybe it would jolt me back on track.
One of the hardest things I have always had to face is my weight-loss...well loss...gain...loss...gain gain...loss......I just want to stay with loss.
right now I am at a 4 week halt, thankfully I haven't gained but I feel like complete shit!
I hurt me knee really bad working out with a new trainer, and the more the weeks go by the more pissed off I am!
I can hardly work out, last time I went in the pool it hurt, lovely eh?
I know that there are other things in the gym that I could be doing, but instead of just sucking it up and doing something instead of nothing, nothing is what I keep choosing.
It is so much easier to just toss in the towel...but all my goals, all my hard work so far!
The bridesmaid dress that I am going to have to get into in 5 months!
The kids I want to have....
OK, I need to get back on track, at least I didn't gain!
But I am soooo bored with weight watchers, I am finding it so monotonous!
Oh well I am just going to have to keep going, I bet once I get on track I will feel better in just days, instead of shit for weeks LOL.
Thanks for reading, encouraging and emailing me.
I will keep you posted...tomorrow will be a better day...the sun will come out!

Sunday, July 12

The Riverbank Six PM

Good day for a Pollack, bad day for a Fish...

Along the Fox River today we found a man wrestling with a fishing pole for at least 30 minutes. I was candidly trying to take pictures, I think his Mom may have seen me.
This guy was trying to get this fish in for so long he had to sit a few times. His hands were getting worn out...

He was in the water...

he was out...

then finally he caught his fish!

It was a really big fish! It gave him quite a fight. We were watching him catch this fish this whole time, a bit anxious to see who was giving this guy a run. Then when he finally got him I felt sad not excited for him. I felt really bad for the fish, he gave up such a fight! I fantasized about cutting the fish loose. the worst was, he then strung it on a line like a leash and put him back in the water. I just kept wondering was the fish scared. Where was he going? What torture that he was unable to swim free, where were his friends and family?
I must have had such a look on my face, cuz my ever sweet husband says
"Jules, wanna go now?".

Jeff bought all the gear for fishing a few months ago, I won't be going with him.

He said, "I don't really want to catch anything, beside I am not even going to put bait or a hook on the line, I just want to sit in a boat."

(he was made for me)

Garden Update

Nice big yummy pepper! My first Kung Pao pepper, I bet this little lady is gonna be HOT!
Ahhh two peppers

Tomatoes are coming along! I love to check on everything everyday!

Who knew this was so addicting!

This cuc gets bigger every single morning!

I should have done this years ago!

What green therapy!

Little Z!

Apparently my sister's cat thinks that the Iguana's food dish is a cat bed!Yep that is where she is now sleeping!
Good thing it is clean and on TOP of the cage! LOL
Silly cat!

Monday, July 6

Cows, Cantigny & Dragonflies oh my!!!

10 Minutes from our house!A picture perfect day, especially for a bike ride.

Blue skies!

Lots of cows!

As soon as we went to the fence they started coming closer.

At first they did not want Jeff to pet them, lol!

They she eased up a bit.

Then another one came over.

Ahh see now they are friends!

A cool old building off the trail.
Maybe it is hunted, lol!

Do you see what I see? Look in the water!

Doesn't that branch look like an crocodile, hahaha!
Now to one of our favorite places, Cantigny! Their wonderful green grass!

Not to mention awesome looking plants and flowers!
It is just so peaceful there!

Today we were in for a really great sight! Lots of DRAGONFLIES!!!!
OMG, it was like they were posing for me. This is the first one I spotted in a tree, he was kind of hard to see! He was so big and beautiful!

Then the sun came out from behind a cloud and I got closer!
Side shot.

Isn't he so cool?

Bumble bee butt!

A cute little chipmunk!
Blooming water lilies!

I think this is my favorite picture of the day!
In fact it is now in my desktop!

This is the same dragonfly I just took 2 steps to my left!

At first when this bug guy was flying I thought he was a butterfly!


There was a bunch of these kind, and they let me get pretty close!
My second fav picture!
It got a little cloudy and I spotted this little brown guy, what I did not see was this grasshopper friend on the blade as well!
Zoomed in!
Another one in the sun!

They are like iridescent!

Last but not least this little blue gal!
She must be a little lady cuz she has her wings tucked, lol!

Fun Monday!