Sunday, February 22

Long time no post...

More snow this weekend, everyone was complaining, not me, I like the snow! I like the season changes. I wonder if people who live in climates that are consistent (Hawaii) complain that the weather sucks??? Well, just when I get sick of one season we are ready for the next!

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I have been busy being stuck in the house, I am trying to purge my hoard, lol. Sometimes I think I just like to collect things. When I was cleaning my craft room I found bags of stuff that I had tucked away that I hadn't even put away, mostly loot from Micheal's craft store, I do love a good sale and coupon!
Unfortunately my dear hubby got laid off 2 weeks ago, so we have to be kind of frugal with our spending cash. Might be a good lesson for us in this pissy economy to really appreciate what we already have, and to realize that we have enough!

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I recently placed a goal list on the side bar of this blog. Weather or not anyone except me sees it, every week I update it and check things off, or check that the things are in progress. Hold me accountable to, well, myself I guess haha.
I am so please with myself that I have lost a total of 32 pounds, as of last Wednesday! I am feeling better everyday!
WW is paying off nicely for me this time. I posted a few weeks ago that I had trouble getting past the 10th week at WW, well I am now past my 14th week!!!
The great thing is that at this point I don't feel like I am on a diet,
its just the way things go!

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