Saturday, January 24

Friday Fun Foto's...Downtown

We spent the day downtown at the World of Wheels show. I was reluctant at first, but I did have a pretty good time! Besides I am always up for testing out my camera! I was able to get some shots inside and even night ones outside, unfortunately my batteries were going dead so the night ones were not as crisp as I would like them to be. The show had some BMX riders and some wrestling (heehee) so I was also able to test out my "sports mode" on my cam!
Blogger is slow slow slow tonight so i uploaded a few of the ones I like then I just uploaded the rest on a slide show. So if you want to see almost all the cars you will have to watch the show!
The first picture here is just odd to me haha! We do have fun together!
My hub is growing a beard!
(shot from the car) The Bat Mobile, this was very cool!

Jeff really wants to be a race car driver!

The drag car from The Munsters!

Miss Boop!

These 2 were my favorite paint jobs!!!

Um nice shorts! These were the wrestlers!

They were pretty entertaining!

A few outside pictures.

The museum.

Blurry skyline (sorry)
The water looked like it had icebergs in it. Click to zoom if you like.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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