Tuesday, March 24

Tonight was my first group/trainer workout! Holy SMOKES I have muscles and pains that I didn't even know existed!
But...I had fun!
AND I feel pretty DAMN GOOD! (till morning lol)
I would describe more about what's going on but I think my finger muscles are tired too!!!
I have to weigh in at WW tomorrow and I just hope I lost this week!
Last week I gained POINT 6! not 6 pounds .6 a little over half a pound, I know what you are thinking and I don't wanna hear it...it is not even a pound!
Don't you think I am well aware of that little fact?
It doesn't matter I was still throwing a little fit (all week)! !
So for the sake of others who see me everyday...please let that friggin scale say ANYTHING minus!
After all I have been working hard at the despised gym, and actually making friends with it!
More later I am going to go and pass out!

Thanks Sarah, you are a great coach!!!

This is so worth it...
Goodnight all!!!!

oooohhh the pain...even my ass hurts!

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Gil Craft said...

I have heard that muscle weighs more than the same amount of the other stuff, so the .6 may be the conversion factor.