Saturday, June 13

My First 5K!

I don't know what the heck Jeff was teasing me about here?
Awwww, I am so happy that he did this with me!

we had to get up really early too!!! BUT we are awake (kinda)!

The 3 Musketeers!!! How cute are we!!!???!!!

Doh! Good to Go!!!! Even though 5 minutes before we started it really started to rain!

We don't need no stinking umbrella!!!

Are you getting wet yet?

Sarah is! LOL!

AANNNnnnd we are off!!!

No, we were not holding hands!

Rain water!

Hmmm, do we really need this?

Nickie & Denise cheering us on!

Lisa at the 2 mile marker!

A little jog!

Keep going! I just didn't want to be last!

Naked man passed me just before the finish (he ran 10K)

Jeff was ahead....

then I ran past him to the finish!

I had trouble ripping my tag.

Can I pass out now?

We did it!!!!!!!!!!! We are very wet!
(we were not last)
Lets go eat some pancakes!!!! WoooHoo!!!!
We finished in 56 minutes. Not too bad, we will beat it next year!

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Mom~Laura said...

Congratulations all of you. We are so proud!