Saturday, May 30

It took me 34 years to get my first trophy!

So, I did not win overall for biggest loser, however I did win BL on my Green Team!
I also won for "most supportive" which is what I received my trophy for!
Overall I am pleased with what I have done!
I have lost 29.4 pounds since March 14 for this competition!
I have lost a grand total of 66 pounds since Oct. 29!
I am down 3 sizes!
Who is the winner now?
Best part...I am not done!My favorite trainer! my wonderful, beautiful sister!
My second favorite trainer the "other" Sarah!the Sarah's Green Team Trainers!
A few of the other team trainers, Leanne, Mike, Larry and the program director Nancy!
All very wonderful people and very supportive!
Here I am telling Leanne my total to get my raffle tickets!


My friend Barb and I took a little break to pose for a picture by the "almost done" sign during our 1 mile run/walk today!
Here is me getting my trophy!
Am I a geek or what!

Here I am with a few of my team mates!
Don't they look happy?

Here is all the participants, with trainers!
the three big winners are in the front row!

This is me talking to the director about a sign up problem occurring in the hall (always trying to help, lol)

Yes, by sign up I mean, I signed up for BL Fit Club!
Which is an exclusive workout club for peeps who were in BL.
We get to keep training once a week for 10 weeks with trainers!
They only took 24 and I am in!!!!!


Rita said...

Congatulations to you Jules!!! I know how hard you've been working! Doesn't it feel wonderful?! Who knew? (tee hee) Aaannnd you looook woonnderful dahling!! Proud,proud, proud of you!! Love&Lots of Smiles!! Auntie Rita

Rita said...

oh my gooodneessss!! I think my comment went through!! How do ya like that? Love,me again