Friday, February 12

2 Rooms mostly done, 5 to go!

We started painting and redecorating our home, so far so good! Man can 2 people collect a lot of shit! So we have been cleaning and painting and organizing. So here first is my room {I should have taken before and after{{shudder}}}! This room used to have both mine and Jeff's stuff in it, but since Sarah moved into her new house we now each have our own rooms!
So here is all my artsy stuff! This took the most time! I have so much stuff! Geesh, but I swear I use it all!!! I finally got around to having some prints of my photos made large for my wall! I couldn't be happier!
The computer also got relocated to my room, since I am mostly on it, plus we wanted to get it out of our living room. It is feeling more and more springy in my room...I want to feel as if I am sitting outside inside {since I do not have a 4 seasons room}.
I am not sure what I am going to hang on these little daisy hooks, but I thought they were adorable and for sale at Hobby Lobby for $2 each SOLD!

This is now Jeff's room, it is so nice for them to be separate so my room can be really girly and his can have all the car stuff he loves so much LOL!
Love the colors though!
He also got Jasper {Iguana} since Jasper hates me!
Next week the living room, Jeff already cleared it out. Oh man does the rest of the house look a mess, it is like The Wizard of Oz when she opens the door!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Juliann said...

I just need to make the curtains!

norma said...

Your rooms look very nice. Great job! Thought I had subscribed to this blog before, but hadn't gotten your last posts - oh well - try try again. How nice for you both to have a room all to yourselves! Can't wait to see the living room!

Anonymous said...

Jules the paint job look fantabulous!!!! Keep it up. I won't come over until its finished I want to get the full affect. ha.
Love Mom