Tuesday, February 9

Try Something New...

Long time no blog {ugh...I know} regardless....
I have been trying something different the past 10 days. I have been plain old school counting calories. My sister has had great success doing this...so I figured what the hell I need a break from WW anyway...after sometime the point counting drives me bananas, now I realize that counting calories is still, well, counting, for some reason it seems like a change {who knows}! :)
I found a really great website that you can become a member for FREE to, it is called CalorieCount.about.com
You can log in everyday and track your food, activity and so on. the thing I like is that it grades your food and your day or over all week. So far since January 29th I am receiving a B+ on my nutrition...pretty funny. I find that I strive to have a better grade each day! I have lost 2 pounds and am due to "weigh-in" tomorrow.
Being that I am a bit reclusive at the present time this new site fits in my schedule just so.
Give it a try click on the link above to check it out. It takes a few minutes to get set up and such, and you also do a little calorie assessment so that it can give you your target, but it is really pretty easy. Let me know if any of you decide to check it out and if you have any other questions.
I decided to be brave and pick up an Acorn Squash at the grocery store this week, not knowing how to prepare it or even what to do with it??? {yikes} !!! I am going to try a new veg each week until my store runs out of things I haven't tried, then I will go back and try them a different way.
Besides the Internet is JaMMed with recipes! I didn't have to look very far tonight, there was one on the new website I mentioned above...{cool}!
It was for Baked Acorn Squash(click here for recipe) it is really good, with apples nutmeg, cinnamon and nuts, yum! I was thinking I wanted to do something savory with my squash, but it turns out this sounded so good! There was another recipe on there with onions and mushrooms that I think I will try next time.
Raw and unscooped (above)
Acorn Squash baked then I put the filling in...back in the oven, oh my smells so good! (above)

Yeah it was really good! Try it sometime, really easy too!

~If the problem isn't hunger, the solution isn't food!~

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