Monday, April 20

Friday Fun Foto's (long post)

My day started bright and early, the birds outside my bedroom window seemed to instinctively know that today was going to be one of the most beautiful days of this year, so far!
I rolled out of bed with my smile in tact and dressed for the gym. Packed my pink gym bag, mixed up my protein shake and away I went.
I got to the gym popped my earphones in and turned up the volume. 2 miles on the track. then 30 minutes lifting weights. then I headed to SPIN class, the class I have come to love! I love the loud music and the energy spinning through the air. I made it through 45 minutes of that, and some days I would go into Pilate's. My gym routine these days are getting longer and longer LOL. It is paying off! But today the sunshine was calling my name.
So Jeff and I headed off to Cantigny! I had no idea what a beautiful place this was, and for an entry fee of $5 a car such a deal! (You can read about what it is more if you click HERE)
It was as if spring had come into bloom as soon as we crossed the gates! The grass was so green. there were fat bee's doing there business with the flowers, and I even found a butterfly!!!
Can you see it in this picture?
Most of this area does not have as many flowers as this park did already blooming, it was a pleasant surprise!
This Oak tree is over 300 years old!

There are tons of lovely benches to sit and relax, although we made a walking trip out of it, only to stop for pictures. (we walked just under 4 miles!)

There wasn't even a cloud in the sky, a perfectly ordered day, the early birds were right!

Grand weeping willows, which is another tree that I love! There were also lots of war statues set on the property. Much too much to explain during one blog post, as it already a long post!

Some of the trees were just starting to bloom.

I can only imagine how pretty this blossom will be!

A lot of the cherry trees were in full bloom!

There delicate pillowy flowers blowing in the breeze.

I love this picture.

Just look at that fat bee!

Can you find another bee nestled in this flower as well?

Mr Ferg forever young was focused on the tanks and military memorabilia, while I was focused on the more natural things around us. very typical!

"Hey Jules, there is a penny in there!"

this area was called "Reflection Point"

Such pretty pots!

A lovely pool outside the doors of Colonel McCormick's mansion, imagine waking up on this property every morning!

An interesting little statue on the front porch.

More cherry trees and a sundial of sorts.

I encourage everyone to visit this place. I can't wait to go back in a week or 2 and see all the blooming progress. Expect to see more pictures of this place. Whatr a great place to walk!
For is supposed to snow tonight!
Happy Monday!

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Mom~Laura said...

Wow this looks wonderful, like another world huh. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Good for you.