Friday, April 24

Friday Fun Foto's (yep Cantigny again)

Only a few shots for you today! Once again it was unseasonably warm, I think it hit 82, I love that this keeps happening on Fridays! I really wanted to go back and check on the blooming, I knew there wouldn't be much difference in one week, but we did get a great walk in as well!
I have been trying to get a picture of a hawk for a long time now, I have been unsuccessful, however this nice robin was happy to pose for me! this crazy squirrel was making such a noise trying to get that nut open!
He was really high up in the tree, my camera rocks for zoomin' in on stuff!

These Magnolias were the buds that I showed you last week! They were just beautiful!

Silky smooth and just the perfect spring pink!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of them, I am not even sharing all of them, wouldn't want you to get to bored!

Here is me and the Ferg, um...the bearded Ferg! I am gonna send this one to his Mom! lol!

Just look at that beard!!!!

Have a nice weekend!

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