Sunday, July 18

Day 4

I set Moe & Molly out on the same leaf on the lid of the cage while I was cleaning out their "frass". As you can see they are getting much bigger. They had a field trip to the salon yesterday! Moe didn't eat all day until sometime early this morning.
Molly ate quite a bit yesterday and was wandering all over the place!
I had to put a third leaf in there yesterday cuz she was roaming!

Most of the time they are completely unaware of each other,
as far as I know LOL!
There is quite a big size difference, although Molly has doubled in size!

Oh no, hang escape!

Look at those big antenna! Big Moe!

Even Molly's antenna are growing a lot!

Ahhh home sweet home back to their respectable leaves! Nice clean frass free cage!
happy Sunday!

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