Friday, July 16

Day 2

After a long HOT walk this morning I finally found a small patch of milkweed! My goodness, all the fields and swamp around my house and barley any milkweed! No wonder why we don't have a lot of butterflies in my neighborhood! I had to find fresh food for Moe & Molly, Moe damn near ate his whole leaf sometime in the middle of the night! I swear he is bigger even today, look his antenna are much longer!

Molly had eaten only one little bitty hole in her leaf but I switched it out for a fresh anyway after all the leaves look much juicier when fresh!

No news on the eggs, I have them egg side up on their leaves on some damp paper towels with a lid on their "incubator", this is what a website suggested for good hatching!
We shall see!

After about 15 minutes on his new leaf, Moe climbs around to the back and eats his way through! Ooooh the poopin' this guy does!

happy Friday!

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