Wednesday, August 26

Before and After (well more so during)

I didn't even know if I really wanted to put these on here, but the difference is pretty shocking to I thought I would share.
This is the difference 67 pounds and hours in the gym makes:
Before: Today
Jeff took the above picture of me this morning as I was leaving work, these are my smaller black jeans, I think about 3 sizes smaller. I stopped wearing jeans a few years ago, it feels great to be in a new pair! Plus, do you notice I have a bright turquoise shirt on?

Now on to a few more before and afters, do I really need to point out which ones are which?

I don't even look like the same person.
The before picture I showed you were the good ones! UGH!!!!
The good news is...I AM SO NOT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,
You have the grandma stance. lol

Anonymous said...

the pix in the blue shirt especially. haha

norma said...

I am blown away! You are absolutely right - you do not look like the same person. Julie Ann! I am SO pround of you. You look amazing - just lovely! Congratulations - I know you will achieve your ultimate goal. Love you lots!

The Archers said...

You look fantastic!!!!!