Sunday, July 12

Garden Update

Nice big yummy pepper! My first Kung Pao pepper, I bet this little lady is gonna be HOT!
Ahhh two peppers

Tomatoes are coming along! I love to check on everything everyday!

Who knew this was so addicting!

This cuc gets bigger every single morning!

I should have done this years ago!

What green therapy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jules!!! Change is absolutely the hardest thing for people to do. Mostly out of a type of fear..fear of the unknown. We like being comfortable. With change, we bring along new decisions, new people, new life! So don't be to hard on yourself, "everyone" fights change!!(even if they don't admit it) Baby steps...start out by today telling yourself how much you LOVE working out. Remind yourself how "great" you felt when you did work out. Soon you will begin your program again. Focus on the good feelings, forget about what you did wrong by not continuing after you hurt your knee. "Totally" forget it...Positive thoughts are very powerful! It is impossible to feel bad and at the same time have good thoughts. Absolutely "feel" happy for everything about yourself. No regrets, no what if, only feeling good about you and everything wornderful things in your life are. It will only attract more good things to you. If you stop and think about that for a moment, you will see how true that really is. Think about the last time you woke up late, and stubbed your toe rushing to get ready. If you didn't stop that "feeling" of, "oh noo"..Your whole day kind of went south. Now if you wake up to the birds chirping, walk outside with your tea and admire your beeuutiful flowers...beautiful day, turn around, aahhh and there is your "super Partner" smile, how lucky you have been, how many good things are in your life. You "feel" gratitude, happiness,and what a wonderful day!! That is the key, positive thoughts, attract only more positive. We all have to check ourselves though, as it is easy to stay in the land of "what was"..
We can change all that, by concentrating on how great we feel!!All the other stuff will fall into place. Soon you will be happily back into your program of well-being. See yourself, now, as if you were exactly, where you want to be physically a few months from now. Think about how great it feels! It works. Maybe at first you might think, "this is dumb, I have way to much to lose!" no,no,no..instead be happy and KNOW that you feel fantastic!! Feel just how you will feel at your goal weight. You'll see, it works..Oh,oh, don't get me wrong, it is easy to back slide and feel like you are back where you started from. Just gotta regroup, feel happy, and know that you can do anything!!!And we are so lucky we have that ability!!! Peace,Love,Health,&Lots of Smiles!!Me,me,me Aaannnd as a couple very wise woman in our lives always said, "Don't worry,be Happy!!" :)