Saturday, July 18

Falling off the wagon...

I thought maybe if I admitted it on my blog maybe it would jolt me back on track.
One of the hardest things I have always had to face is my weight-loss...well loss...gain...loss...gain gain...loss......I just want to stay with loss.
right now I am at a 4 week halt, thankfully I haven't gained but I feel like complete shit!
I hurt me knee really bad working out with a new trainer, and the more the weeks go by the more pissed off I am!
I can hardly work out, last time I went in the pool it hurt, lovely eh?
I know that there are other things in the gym that I could be doing, but instead of just sucking it up and doing something instead of nothing, nothing is what I keep choosing.
It is so much easier to just toss in the towel...but all my goals, all my hard work so far!
The bridesmaid dress that I am going to have to get into in 5 months!
The kids I want to have....
OK, I need to get back on track, at least I didn't gain!
But I am soooo bored with weight watchers, I am finding it so monotonous!
Oh well I am just going to have to keep going, I bet once I get on track I will feel better in just days, instead of shit for weeks LOL.
Thanks for reading, encouraging and emailing me.
I will keep you posted...tomorrow will be a better day...the sun will come out!

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Anonymous said...

The sun will come out tomorrow is right. You can do it ... You can do it!!!!!!! Lets get back on track, me too!!!!
Your Mom