Sunday, July 12

Good day for a Pollack, bad day for a Fish...

Along the Fox River today we found a man wrestling with a fishing pole for at least 30 minutes. I was candidly trying to take pictures, I think his Mom may have seen me.
This guy was trying to get this fish in for so long he had to sit a few times. His hands were getting worn out...

He was in the water...

he was out...

then finally he caught his fish!

It was a really big fish! It gave him quite a fight. We were watching him catch this fish this whole time, a bit anxious to see who was giving this guy a run. Then when he finally got him I felt sad not excited for him. I felt really bad for the fish, he gave up such a fight! I fantasized about cutting the fish loose. the worst was, he then strung it on a line like a leash and put him back in the water. I just kept wondering was the fish scared. Where was he going? What torture that he was unable to swim free, where were his friends and family?
I must have had such a look on my face, cuz my ever sweet husband says
"Jules, wanna go now?".

Jeff bought all the gear for fishing a few months ago, I won't be going with him.

He said, "I don't really want to catch anything, beside I am not even going to put bait or a hook on the line, I just want to sit in a boat."

(he was made for me)

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