Tuesday, August 18

Cash in my pocket!

I am sooo sick of paying $2.50 (if on sale) a box for 100 calorie packs. Honestly a lot of the time the little snacks in there are flat and lifeless! So today i thought I would do a little experiment and boy am I happy!!! So on to the Dollar General....
Where i found lovely little bite sized cookies, chocolate chip, oreo-esk-like and teddy gram-ish, all ONE DOLLAR a box! 140 calories a serving, so I split it up and did the math so that I would have 100, 5 cookies per bag and 10 grams per bag, 100 calories 2 points!
Perfect size snack. I also bought a box of baggies for $2, but I only used about a third of them, so that leads me to .67c!
Yes I packaged them all up, it only took like 10 minutes!
I got 32 servings out of those 3 boxes! They taste pretty darn good for a non-gourmet cookie!
32 servings / 4 bags per box (regular brand) = 8 boxes x $2.50 each = $20
32 servings ~ 3 boxes @ $1.00 each + .67c for bags = $3.67!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's right folks 10 minutes of my time is worth $16.33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cash in my POCKET!!!!!!
Low in points too such a bonus!

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Anonymous said...

How creative you are. lOL