Tuesday, August 25

Monday monday, la la lala lala....

So off to Cantigny we go. The temperature outside is a perfect 77 with a steady breeze. White puffy clouds dotted in the sky, and we had the whole day to just wander around. Perfection...almost, one exception men have a one track mind, now I know what you are thinking and that is not what I am talking about. I mean their other one track, car, boat, tank motorized mind.
Jeff: "lets go see what new tank Cantigny got, hey there it is over there!"
Jule: "yeah...ok, something is sticky on my shoes?"
Jeff: "oh, hey man isn't that thing cool?"
Jule : "this is making me crazy like my feet are sticking to my shoes"
(at this point he is staring at the boat I at my shoes)
Jeff: "oh really? Hey they got this from Europe it was a fishing barge for a while"
Jule "uh huh"
(now my shoes are off and I am walking like a duck in the grass trying to get the sticky off)
Jeff: "man is this thing huge, look they painted it and restored it."
Jule: "do you think Neddy (my looney cat) was licking my shoes again, sometimes that makes them sticky, this is gross!?!"
Jeff: "hey are you gonna get a picture of this, this must be what Danny was talking about?"
(put my shoes back on)
Jule: "yeah, yeah picture ok, yeah its cool!"
(walk around it, snap the picture)
It was pretty cool, would have been better if you could climb inside or something?
Then I spot a sprinkler!!!!
AHHHhhhhhh yes I am saved!
A little Croc-a-flop wash!
Now I can enjoy my day!

OOhhh big tank, ok, so I have seen these a few times now, but just when you get bored, you find a little something...
this little chipmunk! A few of them were playing around on the tank, man were they cute!

This is Jeff's next car, lol!

A useful thing to do with your bright old crocs...

AND now get ready for the
Holy smokes there was a lot of these buggars...or shall we say buggar eaters!
Oh hello!
Just look at that pretty green pond stuff! Bahahaha!
He was sitting so still!
I think he has been in the sun too long!
I didn't even notice until I put these pictures on my computer that there was another little guy in the water at the bottom! See him? This guy was so big, yikes!
A little swimmer...
Lets zoom in...
Full frontal view, lol!

I couldn't resist some more butterfly pictures, it just wouldn't be me!
I really like this one!
All this walking around has made me hungry!
We thought we would try out their restaurant for a treat, they have a nice little patio, not too much longer will you be able to sit outside and eat. Here's our yummy lunch! I had a smoked turkey panini with fetta cheese, pickled red onions & arugula on wheat berry bread, it is served with kettle chips, (I figured about 14 points) with a lovely glass of ice water. Jeff had a very delicious BBQ pulled pork sandwich also served with kettle chips, and a diet coke, he recently switched to diet (good boy). Our lunch was really good and the day was so pretty! Picture perfect! Plus with tip it was only $20! Deal! This is our Monday thing...so we shall see what we find next week!
Sorry this picture is a little dark, it is hard to get good shots of yourselves!

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