Sunday, January 11

Breakfast, The Most Important Meal of the Day?


I also believe that you eat with your eyes first! So mine at least has to look pretty. Keep in mind that Jeff doesn't eat half the stuff I cook, however it is important to me to take the time to "fancy up" my plates.

I have found through talking to customers, coworkers and friends that women do mot take enough time to make things special for themselves. While I realize I do not have the task of tending to children (for now) I do believe that the 10 minutes it took me to throw today's breakfast together for myself would be way doable with kids in tow! Besides unlike their future kids will learn to eat vegetables and fruit!

As a self proclaimed food addict I am trying to kick the habit! I will instead try to focus on what I like better which is art and try my best to focus on healthy pretty alternatives. For example:

Today's breakfast consist of, 1/2 c. egg beater substitute, 1/2 c. chopped mushrooms & green peppers, 1tsp olive oil (saute the veggies), 1oz fat free feta (yum), 1 whole wheat english muffin, 1 small ripe and juicy plum, 2 moderately sized slices of cantaloupe (that was so sweet I am glad I ate it last it was like candy!), also to top off my eggs I use 2 tbls fat free sour cream. I put lots of seasonings in my eggs, pepper, crushed red pepper, garlic and just a smidge of curry just for that "what's in this factor"!

Then it is all about the plating. I eat all my meals on my china. We don't have fancy dinner parties so I figure why not use them all the time!

I also use mostly small plates, makes my food look like more!

To top it off I sprinkle a little parsley and crushed reds on it just for color.

It is not only pleasing to my eyes but it tasted FANTASTIC
so it is pleasing to my buds! For those of you WW...
5 points entire breakfast...yum!

I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday, I am going to dig my way through my craft room to make up some kids Valentines Day cards. My blog friend Pat has pledged to send 1,000 cards for a children hospital in Michigan. The cards are to not only give one to each kid but also for the kids to hand out to their friends and family. Isn't that sweet! So she has asked a few of her blog friends for a little help. I am hoping to post what I come up with on my Pixie too... blog.

It is too cold for the outdoors today (18) This flip flop/croc shoes wearing girl should have invested in some warm ugly-ass boots...maybe it isn't too late, seems we are in for a long cold winter!


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