Thursday, January 15


Well it is no secret that I am focused on losing weight, so I will probably be talking about it while I am on this little journey. So today I thought I would share just a little bit more about my personal struggle. I use this blog site as well sort of an on line journal, not quite as personal as my little paper pocket journal but none the less as important to me.

I have been overweight pretty much my whole life. The last 5 or 6 years have been the worst as far as my weight control. There has been so many struggles. My fathers many ankle surgeries, both of my parents surviving cancer (hooray!) and my 3 pregnancy losses. All of which contributed to my emotional eating, because that is what I do. It has always been my drug of choice!

I have tried on three different occasions to have some sort of Bariatric surgery and have been denied in some way each time! Go figure. I believe in signs and that God has plans mapped out for our future, so when something life endangering does not fall into place I simply do not push it. Hind site is always 20/20!

So back to WW (Weight Watchers) I go...maybe this is my 7th time? BUT every single time I have not been able to make it past week 10!!! What is the deal??? At week 16 you get this little key chain, it is not studded with diamonds, jewels or gold, but dammit I want that little key chain!! LOL! SO I am proud to say that as of yesterday I am on my week 10! Six more weeks to go for that little symbolic goal achievement! Then on to filling the key chain with more achievement charms! I feel like just breaking things up into small goals is so much easier then the BIG picture.

I created a little place on my side bar for my goals along with a weight loss "ticker" that is fun to update every week! The best way to achieve your goals is by writing them down. Somehow if you can visually see them you can achieve them!

So, keeping in the spirit of my topic I would like to recommend The Biggest Loser Workout, Weight Loss Yoga DVD. I got it on Netflix before buying it just to see if I like it...well I do! I used to love YOGA!!! I haven't done it for sometime, although I can't do all the positions as well as Bob, but it is nice that they have some of the old contestants on there doing the modified poses. I will tell you now I felt muscles that surely must have been on vacation over the last few years!

I think I will just have to buy my own copy soon, I don't want to keep my Netflix copy too long.

Hey who watched Bob explode on the show this week?!? NICE!!!

So that must be it for now, there you have it my unsolicited opinion and DVD plug, haha!

Thanks for reading!


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Mom~Laura said...

I saw him cussin' and pitchin' a fit. It was kool.