Friday, January 2

Friday Fun Foto's

Don't let the bright blue sky fool you, it was a high of 25 today! The sun feels so nice and warm on your face, but the air is just down right bitey!
Off we went to one of our favorite trails. I really wanted to get out and take some shots with my new toy! Winter photo's can be a bit challenging especially if there isn't a lot of snow, everything can seem a bit brown. However along the fox river I was able to get some great pictures. Here is some of my favs...
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We genuinely love to spend a lot of time together. Jeff is my best friend. We have been through so much and yet we always seem to grow closer together!

If you look at the end of the branches where they are stuck in the water you can see that there is ice that is just hanging on despite the pretty good current.

There are many large trees that have fallen over through the years, which just makes that landscape so interesting. I was hoping to maybe catch a beaver hanging out over there, it seemed like a good beaver hang out...maybe in the summer.

If you stood very still you could hear the awesome noise of the river flowing and the ice along the shore gently cracking, it was such a tranquil sound.

It amazes me that there were still ducks swimming! That water is COLD!!!!
Time to go back to the car for a warm-up! Jeff brought his RC car along to drive it a bit, but it was too loud, so he only drove it for a few minutes....
while I thawed out in the car!!!!

OK back out for some more exploring!
Awww look at this chubby buggar,
(the squirrel not me, look down, haha)
He was so darn cute!

This is a picture looking down on the inside of a tree stump.

I was able to find some soft little flowers that were
preserved by ice.
This little flower was about the size of a pea!

Among all the brown I spotted some tiny red berries! I was shocked that they were still hanging from their summertime stems. How on earth have they been able to withstand our already harsh winter?
It was lovely to see these little spots of color! You really had to look for them though, these are as small as those tiny flowers in the above post that I mentioned, about pea size.

Sometimes you just got to hug a tree! This big old tree was so beautifully strong! I just loved looking up at the winter blue sky behind its high branches. I wondered if anyone else has ever hugged this particular tree in all its long life?

Ah, yeah, sometimes he thinks I am nuts...

but loves me anyway!~PEACE~

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