Wednesday, January 21

It's Wednesday!

That means a quick update, I made it through my 10th week (WW) on to my 11th!
I am now down 21.6 pounds!!!
My knees feel so much better already!
My thin favorite jeans are looking more attainable everyday!!!!(photo courtesy of my blog friend Curt )

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SarahMary2010 said...

You are doing amazingly my lovely sister!

The most important part however is the way your outlook on life is remolding itself! Making these changes on the outside only reflect the inner beauty you posses inside, which is emulated with and un-reluctant, classy, and stylish way. You are amazing inside and out, and I am glad you are feeling better and allowing yourself this time of "renewal," if you will. It’s a wonderful thing, and the perfect time!

The Beasty boys got it right when they wrote that song about you, "She crafty, she gets around, she’s craft, she’s always down.....Now I like nothing better than a pretty girl smile, And I haven't seen a smile that pretty in a while"

hahahaha....remember that shit Jules!!!