Thursday, January 1

X-Mas Presents!

I had only one thing on my list this year...a new camera!

I did lots of research to see exactly what I wanted...I asked fellow bloggers that had great images on their blogs & of course I contacted Uncle Jimmy (my wonderfully underrated ridiculously talented photographer uncle), he recommended the Canon Power Shot. So that is what I got!

The day after X-Mas DH and I went to the nearest Best Buy to get my new toy, only they were out! The closest store that had it in stock was over an hour away. So we braved the immense fog and finally scored my new camera!!! YIPEEEEEEE! I am so excited!!!!!!
So here it is....The Canon Power Shot SX10IS 10 MEGA PIXEL BABY!!!!!

So the next day I wandered around the house snapping pix of things, so here is one of my first images....I thought I might give you a little yummy taste....

and how yummy is that. I also got this hot beverage maker from my friend Kris at work for doing her hair all nice! It makes yummy drinks, you just put instant mix and water or milk in and it warms it to the perfect temp and then it can froth it! YUmmaroo!!!!
So pretty too, I miss working at Starbucks! besides the point.
I will be sharing more pictures very soon! Especially testing my new toy out!

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